Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Larry Sparks-New Gospel Songs

Green Pastures In The Sky,He's Everything To Me 
I Believe,Walk In The Gospel Way 
He'll Never Change,He'll Rescue Me 
Meet Me Over There,Blessed Saviour 
He's Alright,Faith Is The Answer 
Just Call On Jesus,That's Enough For Me

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  1. Hello,
    I want first to express my sincere gratitude for your fantastic work at this Blog, I came across it while I was looking for Walter Hensley’s 5 String Banjo Today album which has a fantastic banjo music with the suburb vocals. Eventually I discovered more about blue grass music - which I started listening to only a few moths ago -from your wide selection with Monroe, The Stanley brothers, Dr Stanley and Lester and Scruggs ...
    Your blog along with Mr Ray Davis show are the best places for all blue grass listeners.
    Thanks again for a much appreciated job, and have my best wishes from Algeria.


    p.s: Do you play an instrument?