Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sunday River Bluegrass Show-You Can Dress 'Em Up But You Can't Take 'Em Out

Sittin' On Top Of The World,Ridin' My Thumb To Mexico
Footprints In The Snow,Song For Susan
Katy Daley,If I Lose,Prisoner's Song
Live And Let Live,Father Of A Honky Tonk Girl
Cheyenne,Cherokee Fiddle,Arkansas Traveler,Used To Be

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Roy Acuff and the Smokey Mountain Boys

Jesus Died For Me,Lord Build Me A Cabin,Where The Soul Never Dies
Take My Hand, Precious Lord,Thank God,The Unclouded Day
Hold To God's Unchanging Hand,This World Is Not My Home
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord
Shake My Mother's Hand For Me

The Roustabouts - Super-Sonic Bluegrass

Supersonic Bluegrass,Muddy River, Rosewood Casket 
Golden Slippers,Farewell Party, I'm The Boss Of This House
Shady Grove, Boogie Grass Band
I'm On My Way To Bluegrass Country,Windy City
Charlotte Breakdown, I Will Survive, I'll Fly Away

Kentucky Gentlemen - Most Requested

Sea Of Regret,Gentle To Your Senses,My Deceitful Heart
Heading South,I Just Think I'll Go Away,I Am Weary
Amanda,I Just Wish You Were Someone I Loved
Why Don't You Tell Me So,Shady Grove
She's More To Be Pittied,Little Bessie

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mike O'Roark & The FreeBorn Men - Somewhere In Between

Ann,Back In The Country,Ten Degrees And Getting Colder
Walking Shoes,Nothing To It,You Can Have Her
Pallet On The Floor,Corn Liquor,Kindly Keep It Country
Any Old Wind That Blows,Amey,Cannonball Rag

Monday, March 28, 2011

Thumbs Carllile - Roger Miller Presents Thumbs Carllile

Yesterday,Hold It,Minute Minuet,My Bossa Nova
Caravan,Downtown,Candy Girl,Bach To Bach
Engine Engine Number Nine,Fly Me To The Moon
Moonglow,Mister Funk

Joe Maphis - Gospel Guitar

Onward Christian Soldiers,A Beautiful Life,Stand Up For Jesus
I'll Fly Away,Softly And Tenderly,The Church In The Wildwood
Amazing Grace,Old Time Religion,Hear Dem Bells
Jesus Hold My Hand,Pass Me Not,I Shall Not Be Moved
Bringing In The Sheaves

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bluegrass Blackjacks - Let Us All Pray Together

There's Coming A Time,Something Useful To Jesus,Have You Nothing To Say
The Saviour,Let Us All Pray Together,He Gave His All
Let Me Be A Man Of God,Dust On The Bible,The Uncloudy Day,
He's A Constant Companion,Look Away To Jesus,Sing A Gospel Song

Bluegrass Blackjacks - Blackjack's Country

Little Mountain Queen,There Goes My Everything
Wanna Go Back To The Country,Happy Birthday To Me
Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow,Sinner's Plea
Take Me Back, Memories,Keep On Keeping On
Springtime In The Mountains,The I J Special,Prioner's Sorrow
Loving Mother

Mike O'Rourke and the Free Born Men - Go My Way

Carolina In The Pines, I Heard You Talking In Your Sleep
Riding In The Wind,It's Worth Believing,Hickory Hollow
Without You,Save The Whales,Will You Be Lonesome
Road Musician,Go My Way,Fire On The Mountain

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Rocky Mountain Boys - I've Got A Mule To Ride

I've Got A Mule To Ride,Little Willie,Hills Of Old Virginia
Liberty,Ain't Gong To Work,Little Joe
Love Me Darling Just Tonight,Peacock Rag,A Man Of Constant Sorrow
Clinch Mountain Back Step, Border Ride,Let Me Walk Lord By Your Side

Blake Williams - One Good Sound Leads To Another

Tenderfoot,Orange Blossom Special,What A Friend We Have In Jesus
Song Of The Wanderer,Whoa Mule Whoa,Shuckin' The Corn
Scuffle Creek,Black Mountain Rag,Foggy Mountain Breakdown
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight

Monday, March 21, 2011

Moonshine Mountain Boys - Pickin' In The Bushes

Bluegrass Express,Johnny B Goode,Bouree' In E Minor
She's My Love,It Only Takes A Minute,62 Chevy
Glendale Train,When The Blues Won't Leave,Banjo Man
City Of Sunrise,Waxie's Dargle,Gary Owen - Minstrel Boy

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

James Monroe - Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane,I'm Old Kentucky Bound,Down In The Willow Garden
I'm Coming Back But I Don't Know When,Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms
What Became Of That Beautiful Picture,The Red Rocking Chair
When The Angels Carry Me Home,It's Only A Phonograph Record
Bringing In The Georgia Mail

James Monroe - Something New Something Different Something Good

Girl Of My Dreams,What About You,Tennessee Sunday
Happiness Hill,The Deepening Snow,Kentucky In The Morning
Sweet Lucy,I Washed My Hands,House Of The Rising Sun
Think It Over

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kenny Hall and the Sweets Mill String Band

Angeline The Baker,Stoney Point,Campbells Are Coming
Old Mother Flanagen,Wearing The Green,Little Girl Dressed In Blue
Crying Holy.Devilish Mary,Cotton Eyed Joe
Bounding Bouder,Willow Garden,Little Beggerman,Policeman

Peter Gott Family - Cowbell Hollow

Fly Around, My Pretty Little Miss Cumberland Gap
Little Betty Ann,Bill Cheatham, Sally Ann, Little Beggarman
John Henry,Cindy,Darling Cory,Bile Them Cabbage Down
Old Joe Clark,The Roving Gambler, Hamilton County Breakdown Blackberry Blossom
Wreck Of The Old 97,Down The Road,Beuben's Train,Ragtime Annie

Robin and Linda Williams - Nine' Til Midnight

Dove,Oh My Little Darlin',Whippoorwill,Haunted Kind
I'm S A V E D,They All Faded Away,The Chukoo
Train That Carried My Man From Town,Travelin' Shoes
Diggin' On The New Railroad,Country Medley,None But The Rain

Richard Bailey - Night Light

A Minor Concideration,Redwing,Sarah's Stomp
Swing 42,Casey Jones,My Favorite Things,Cotton Patch Rag
Furin's Reel,Sweet Dixie,Night Light

Hubert Davis and the Season Travelers - It's Bluegrass Time Again

Head Over Heals,Roanoke,It's Bluegrass Time Again
God's Record Book Of Life,The Sun Seems Brighter
Bluegrass Wedding,I'll Go Steppin' Out,Just Pretending
Why Did I Wander,Hey Bartender,Home Sweet Home,T For Texas

Greg Cahill - Lone Star

Lone Star,Daybreak In Dixie,Sherwood Square
Big City Ramble,I'll Tell You Tomorrow,Sweet Georgia Brown
Remington's Ride,Waiting,Sledd Riding,Cuchoo's Nest
Blue Rondo A La Turk

Monday, March 14, 2011

Marcel Dadi - Pickin on Nashville 2

Big Chief,Billy The Keith,My Family In Massapequa
Roger Chesterfield,To Mom And Dad,Cahattanooga Train
Coctail Party,Things We Used To Do,Pinewood Road

Marcel Dadi-Pickin On Nashville 1

Buddy's Dance,Milk Shaker,Two Days With Charlie
Old Time Pickin' Palour,Lullaby for Stephanie
Nashville Tops,The Ballad Of Greg Landey,Lovely Gone
Waltz For Paula

Heights Of Grass - Encore

Carolina Sunshine,All I Ever Loved Was You,Miles And Miles Of Texas
Bile 'Em Cabbage Down,You Made It Right,Right Or Wrong
Alabama Jubilee,Carolina Gold,Thank God I'm A Country Boy
Loving You So Long Now,Carry Me Back To Old Virginny

Oregon Territory - Northwest Bluegrass

Tall Timber - Bluebirds Singing For Me
Muddy Bottom Boys - Blackberry Blossom
Puddle City - I Don't Love Nobody
Tall Timber - Lost Indian
Dr. Corn's Bluegrass Remedy - Death Couldn't Keep My Jesus Down
Dr. Corn's Bluegrass Remedy - Dark Hallow
Puddle City - Mandolin King Rag
Sawtooth Mountain Boys - Are You Waiting
Sawtooth Mountain Boys - You're Not Easy To Forget
Tall Timber - Who's Sorry Now
Muddy Bottom Boys - Lost In Sin
Sawtooth Mountain Boys - Sawtooth Mountain Breakdown
Muddy Bottom Boys - Free Again
Dr. Corn's Bluegrass Remedy - Orange Blossom Special

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spider Bridge - Backs To The Wall

Sea Of Heartbreak,California Cottonfields,Farther Along
Red Haired Boy,Louise,Ashes Of Love,Bartender's Blues
Coast To Coast,Did She Mention My Name,Are You Leavin' Harlin Now
High And Inside,Hello City Limits,Tumbleing Tumbleweeds

Monday, March 7, 2011

California Zephyr - In The Saddle

Back In The Saddle,Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother
I Ain't Really A Caowboy, I Just Fount thie Hat,Hallelujah I'm A Bum
Empty Bottles,Folsom Prison Blues,Tourist In The Land Of Love
Old Friends,Bodie,De Bluesky,No Expkectations

Monroe Doctrine-Monroe Doctrine

With Love From Me To You,Time And The River Flowing
Why Dones Love Got To Be So Sad,Anderson's Hotel
Everything I Own,Charlie Brown,Timberline
Falls River Road,Ruby,Chalk Up Another One,Floyd's Song

Saturday, March 5, 2011

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Charlie Monroe - Vintage Radio Recordings From 1944

Under The Hickory Tree,I Walk Alone,Little Liza Jane
I've Made A Covenant With My Lord,Down In Caroline
Bile Them Cabbage Down,Seven More Days
Walk That Long Lonesome Road,That's The Love I Have For You
I Know You'll Understand,Don't Let My Ramblin Bother Your Mind
Sourwood Mountain,An Empty Mansion,Two Little Sweethearts
You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone,Grand And Glorious Feeling

Wiley Eastwood - Star City Swing

Fiddlin' Around,Up A Lazy River,Rock Number 2
Whispering,Little Red Wagon,Ida Sweet As Apple Cider
Alla En El Rancho Grande,Wild And Wooly Blues,Sweet Georgia Brown
Bye Bye Blues,Sweet Sue,Coffee Break,China Town,Milk Cow Blues

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dave Haney and Bay State Bluegrass - Home Run Man

I'll Never Change My Mind,Breaking Up My Home Aain
That Beautiful Home,Toil Tears And Trouble,Across The Bridge
I'm Lonesome,Home Run Man,I'm Coming Home
Seven Lonely Days,Lonesome Road Blues
Blue Days And Sleepless Nights,Drivin' Nails In My Coffin

Blades Of Grass - Songs From The Barn

This Is My Year For Mexico,Someone Looking For Someone Like You
I Know I Haven't Got The Right To Love You,Blues Boogie
Hobo Bill,Pike County Breakdown,Morning Sky
Old Love Letters,Time Changes Everything,Dreaming

Thursday, March 3, 2011

City Limits Bluegrass Band - Hello City Limits

Hello City Limits,Friend Of The Devil,Follow The Leader
Kansas Legend,Billy In The Low Ground,Paradise
Rocky Top,This Is The Girl I Love,Arkansas Traveler Mississippi Sawyer
Pa Went To Sleep,Big Sandy River,Lonesome River
Take It Easy,Cold Hard Rain

Willis Carlan Quinn - Tin Roof

Tin Roof,Mighty Fine Woman,Mountain Dew
This Heart Of Mine,Rocky Top,It's Mighty Dark
Uncle Pen,Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms,Country Boy
Georgia Rose

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Uptown Bluegrass - Uptown Bluegrass 3

Travelin' Light,To Love Somebody,Remington Ride
Take Me Back To Tulsa,Until Then,Travelin' Houndog
Good Woman's Love,Good Woman's Love Reprise
Why Don't You Tell Me So,Each Season Changes You
 Country Comfort,Rawhide,Mr Bojangles

Bear Creek - Bear Creek

Fire On The Mountain,I've Just Seen A Face
A Simple Twist Of Fate,Georgia Boy,Carolina In The Pines
I Can See Clearly,Tennessee,Waterloo,The Crankshaft Special
Please Don't Bury Me In The Cold Cold Ground,The Gold Rush
I'll Fly Away