Friday, January 28, 2011

Bristol Mountain Bluegrass-Darling Allalee

Allalee,My Little George Rose,Lost Indian
Carolina,Armadillo Breakdown,Every Knee Shall Bow
Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On,Little Whitwashed Chimney
The Voice Of The Lord,B&D Breakdown,Paradise
Long Journey Home

Louie Setzer-Woodsmoke

Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane,Wood Smoke
It's Alright If That's The Way You Feel,Eatin' Out Of Your Hand
Excuse Me I Think I've Got A Heartache,It Rains Just The Same In Missouri
Help Me Make It Through The Night,Some Old Day
Truck Drivers Queen,Long Black Veil,Sunny Side Of The Mountain
Dark Hollow,You Can Have Her

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stanley Brothers-Stanley Brothers Of Virginia Vol 2

Long Journey Home,Will You Miss Me
I'll Be True To The One I Love,No Letter In The Mail Today
Pretty Polly,Wildwood Flower,Two More Years And I'll Be Free
Ramshackle Shack On The Hill,East Virginia
Pig In A Pen,Your Saddle Is Empty Old Pal
Nine Pound Hammer,Cluck Old Hen,Wild & Reckless hobo
Rabbit In A Log,Mountain Pickin'

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wilson Brothers-Sacred Songs In The Stanley Tradition

.Searching For A Soilder's Grave,Step Out In The Sunshine
He's Passing This Way,Jesus On The Mainline
You Are Dying Too,Wandering Boy,John Three Sixteen
Stairway To Heaven,Vision Of Mother
Rank Stranger,Shouting On The Hills
Be Ready For Tomorrow May Never Come

Stanley Brothers - Folk Song Festival

Still Trying To Get To Little Rock,The Drunken Driver
 Day Break In Dixie,String, Eraser And Blotter
Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine,I'm Only Human
There Is A Trap, Little Joe,My Handsome Molly
Just Dreaming,Fast Express,Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Me

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Buck White and the Down Home Folks - Poor Folks Pleasure

The Cowboy Lives Forever,Home,Jealous Heart
Virginia's Real,Southland, Poor Folks Pleasure
Another Lonesome Day,By The Fireside With Baby
 A House Of Gold,Mexican Holiday

Buck White - More Pretty Girls Than One

More Pretty Girls Than One, Sassy Frass
San Antonio Rose,Closer Walk With Thee
Abilene Gal,Marie,Winter Winds,Alabama Jubilee
Kentucky Waltz

Bill Harrell - Do You Remember

Do You Remember,Alabama Bound
They'll Never Take Her Love From Me,The Story Of Virgil Carter
Are There Tears Behind Your Smile,For The Bible Tells Me So
On Whiskey Mountain, Spring Time,Come Back Little Pal
Ring Of Fire,Let The Savior In,Reflections Of Virginia

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jimmy Arnold - Strictly Arnold

Strictly Arnold,Doc Haris' Hornpipe,Panhandle Rag
Charmaine,M Street Rag,Tommy Jarrell
Gemini,Wayburn's Fiddle,Ruby's Song
Doing My Thang,Boarman's Way,Bye Bye Blues

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Country Gentlemen - River Bottom

Loving Her Was Easier Then Anything I'll Ever Do
Things In Life,Honey Don't,Riverboad Fantasy
God's Coloring Book,River Bottom,Drifting Too Far From The Shore
Coal Black Gold,The In Crowd
Apple Blossom Time In Annapolis Valley,Electricity
Lonesome Without You

The Country Gentlemen - Remembrances & Forecasts

Willow Creek Dam,Remembrance Of You,Irish Spring
Billy Mcghee,Home In Louisiana,King Of Spades
The Little Grave,Delta Queen,Heartaches
Welcome To New York,Lord Protect My Soul,Circuit Rider

The Country Gentlemen - The Award Winning Country Gentlemen

Walkin' Down The Line,The Legend Of The Rebel Soldier
Redwood Hill,C. G. Express,Little Bessie,The Old Pine Tree
The Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp,Country Roads
Secret Of The Waterfall,Breakin' It Down
Get In Line Buddy, New Freedom Bell

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bluegrass Cardinals - What Have You Done For Him

I'm Going That Way,Great Change,I'll Be Looking For You
64 Roses,Let Me Walk Lord By Your Side,Some Morning Fair
What Have You Done For Him,Gleams Of That Golden Morning
Sing And Be Happy,Give Mother My Crown
Trouble The Waters

Bluegrass Cardinals - Cardinal Class

Pulleybone Gayden,Warm Kentucky Sunshine,Rolling Away
Is Your Heart Right With God,Country Poor And Country Proud
Way Out There,Thistles And Roses
Up And Down The Mountain,That Home Above
I've Heard The Wind Blow,Gravel In Your Shoe

Jim And Jesse-Songs Of Inspiration

Heaven,Over In The Gloryland,Life's Railway To Heaven
There's A Light Guiding Me,An Old Account Settled
Wait A Little Longer,Please Jesus,Everybody Will Be Happy Over There
Great Speckled Bird,We Are Climbing
When My Savior Reached Down For Me,Something Got A Hold Of Me
Amazing Grace

Gene Newby And The Round Mountain Boys - Live On Stage

Sitting On Top Of The World,Roll On Buddy
Pike County Breakdown,When It's Springtime I'll Be There
Me And Jesus,Cabin in Caroline,Fire On The Mountain
Old Red,Oklahoma, Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Cumberland Gap,Black Mountain Rag

Mountaineers - Bluegrass Banjo Pickin'.

Earl's Breakdown,Grandfather's Clock
Wreck Of The Old 97,Mountain Dew
I Ain't Got Nobody,I Don't Love Nobody,Foggy Mountain Top
Cripple Creek,John Henry,Home Sweet Home
Lonesome Road Blues

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tiny Moore and Jethro Burns - Back To Back

Back To Back,Diane,In A Mellotone
Real Laid Back,Flickin' My Pick,Moonlight Waltz
Jethro's Tune,Swing 39,Out Of Nowhere
Tickle Toe,Tiny's Rag,Groovin' High

Bill Keith & Jim Collier – Bill Keith & Jim Collier

Smoke Smoke Smoke,Phlebitis,I Think About You All The Time
Would You Believe It,There´ll Come A Day
Eight Of JanuaryThe Twelfth Of Never,Beatin´ Around The Bush
Texas Cowboy,Bouree # 2.,Crab Waltz,Two Twenties

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Various Artists-Texas Favorites

Salt River-Lewis Franklin
Fisher's Hornpipe-Major Franklin
Wagoner-Norman Soloman
Tom And Jerry-Major Franklin
Apple Blossom-Major Franklin
Blue Eagle-Lewis Franklin
Dill Pickle Rag-Lewis Franklin
Smith's Reel-Norman Soloman
Forked Deer-Major Franklin
Leather Britches-Lewis Franklin
Cotton Patch Rag-Lewis Franklin
Miller's Rag-Norman Soloman
Kaw River-Norman Soloman

Monday, January 17, 2011

Barton Brothers-Virginia Bluegrass

Is It True,Back To Virginia,Whiskey and Wine
Battle Of Vietnam,I Hate To See The Sun Sinking
Dewey's Banjo Special,Thompson Creek
Lonely Highway,Hear My Hammer Ring
Virginia Coal Miner,Richmond Prison
Big A Mountain Breakdown

Wheeler Family-One Big River To Cross

One Big River To Cross,Brother's Last Question
Don't Get Puffed Up,Modern Preacher
Muddy Sea Of Sin,I Believe,When You Cross Over Jordan
He Brought Me In,Words Of A Sinner Man
Gone Too Far To Ever Turn Back Now
Don't Let Me Deceive You,Please Tell Me Sinner What Will You Do

Jim & Jesse - Palace Of Songs

Air Mail Special On The Fly,Then I'll Stop Going For You
Hard Hearted,Stormy Horizons,Freight Train
Ballad Of Thunder Road,A Bird With Broken Wings Can't Fly
Voice Of My Darling,Cash On The Barrelhead,Fireball Express

Ralph Stanley-The Bluegrass Sound

In Memory Of Carter Stanley,Lonesome Road Blues
She Ran Away With Another Man,I Was Born A Rambler
Twenty One Years,Sally Goodin
We'll Be Sweethearts In Heaven,Sweetest Love
Blue Eyed Ellen,Baby Girl
Your Saddle Is Empty Old Pal,Carter’s Songs

Ralph Stanley-Old Time Music

Knoxville Girl,John Henry,Poor Ellen Smith
East Virginia Blues,Long Journey Home
Going Round This World,Chicken Reel
Mississippi Sawyer,Bonnie And Clyde’s Hop 
Billy In The Low Ground,Cackling Hen
Going Down Town

Jack Lynch-Bluegrass Music

Wildwood Flower,Little Birdie,Man Of Constant Sorrow
Shady Grove,All The Love I Had Is Gone
Hook and Line,Will You Miss Me
Whoa Mule Whoa,Tears On My Pillow
Cripple Creek,Cowboy Jack,Home Sweet Home

Jim And Jesse-Jesus Is The Key To The Kingdom

Jesus Is The Key To The Kingdom,Little White Church
Family Bible,Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill
Truth On The Mountain,The Family Who Prays Shall Never Part
On The Wings Of A Dove,Matthew 24,Born Again
Two Thousand Years Ago,River Of Jordan
How Great Thou Art

Jim & Jesse - Radio Shows

Martha White's Theme,Diesel Train,Going Like Wildfire
Snowflake Breakdown,The Family Who Prays
Till These Dreams Come True,Everything She Touches Gets The Blues
Sitting On Top Of The World,Have You Lost Your Love For Me
Bluegrass Breakdown,Press On O Pilgrim,Bye Bye Blues
Don't This Road Look Rough And Rocky,Martha White's Theme
Fortune Feed Them,On The Mississippi Shore
How Do You Talk To A Baby, Beer Barrel Polka
Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown,I Cried Again
I Can't Help Wondering,There's More Pretty Girls Than One
On The Banks Of The Ohio,Cheyenne,Precious Memories
Foggy Mountain Top,Heartaches And Flowers,Fortune Feed Theme

Jim & Jesse - The Jim & Jesse Story

The Midnight Train,Drifting And Dreaming Of You
Border Ride,Just Wondering Why,Golden Rocket
Grave In The Valley,My Little Honeysuckle Rose
Sleepy-Eyed John,Let Me Whisper,Somewhere Down South
When It's Time For The Whippoorwill To Sing
Great Speckled Bird, A Memory Of You
Paradise,The Girl I Left Behind,Diesel On My Tail
Remember Me,Are You Missing Me
I Will Always Be Waiting For You,The Flame Of Love
Gosh, I Miss You All The Time,Farewell Blues
I Want To Be Loved,Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Jim And Jesse - Bluegrass Classics

Las Cassas Tennessee,Drifting And Dreaming Of You
The Grass Is Greener,What About You
 I Wonder Where You Are Tonight,Why Not Confess
Nine Pound Hammer,The Violet And The Rose
Take My Ring From Your Finger,The Little Paper Boy
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again,Just When I Needed You

Jim And Jesse - Bluegrass Special

Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes,Somebody Loves You Darling
She Left Me Standing On The Mountain.Don't Say Goodbye If You Love Me
I Wish You Knew.When It's Time For The Whippoorwill To Sing
Grave In The Valley,Blue Bonnet Lane.Are You Missing Me
Congratulations Anyway.Pickin' And A-Grinnin'
Stoney Creek

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bill Clifton-Mountain Folk Songs

Walking In My Sleep,Mary Dear,Little White Washed Chimney
Dixie Darling,Wake Up Susan,Livin' The Right Life
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues,When Autumn Leaves Begin To Fall
Dixie Mountain Express,Another Broken Heart
Flower Blooming In The Wildwood,You Go To Your Church

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Curly Ray Cline-The Working Man

The Braying Mule,Callaway,Back Up and Push
Never Alone Waltz,8th Of January,Amazing Grace
Pretty Little Indian,Dan's Dream,Rockhouse
Bill Cheatum,Chitlin' Cooking Time In Cheatum Country
Oldtime Religion

Roy Clark-Family Album

Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms,Sweet Bunch Of Daisies
Jesse James,Heel And Toe Polka,Lonesome Road Blues
Old Joe Clark,Log Cabin In The Lane
I'll Be All Smiles Tonight,Jimmy Brown, The Newsboy
Rubber Dolly

Jim & Jesse - In The Tradition

You Are The One,Did You Ever Go Sailing
Tennessee Lonesome Blues,Stoney Mountain West Virginia
Hard Hearted,I'm Gonna Love You One More Time
I'll Love Nobody But You,Dear Old Mother
All The World Is Lonely Now,Chicken Reel
Gotta Travel On,Bringing In The Georgia Mail

Jim & Jesse - Wildwood Flower

Wildwood Flower,Good Bunch Of Biscuits
The Grass Is Greener In The Mountains,The Violet And A Rose
Take My Ring From Your Finger,The Little Paper Boy
Just When I Needed You,Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes
I Wish You Knew

Jim & Jesse - Superior Sounds of Bluegrass

Alone With You,Mansion On The Hill
Everybody's Reaching Out For Someone,The Fugitive
Wreck Of No 9,I'm Changing The Words To My Love Song
Ashes Of Love,When You Want  A Little Lovin'
The Best Dressed,Don't Every Take Your Love From Me
Sundown And Sorrow,Mid The Greenfields Of Virgina

Jim & Jesse - Homeland Harmony

Poison Love,Mountain Rosalie,Ain't I Hard To Love
I'll Be An Angel Too,Maple Sugar,Far From You
Valley Of Peace,I'm Sorry Untitled That's All I Can Say
Take Me In A Lifeboat,Sweet Virgina

Barry Solomon - Southland Sketches

Oh Baby,Done Gone,The Water Is Wide,The Way You Look Tonight
The Storms Are On The Ocean,Remington Ride
Breezin' On By,Hesitation Blues
There'll Never Be Another You,Nancy Roland
My Funny Valentine,All Of Me

Friday, January 14, 2011

Frank Wakefield - End Of The Rainbow

Mexican Stomp,When I Stop Dreaming,Nilent Sight
End Of The Rainbow,Sitting On Top Of The World
New Camptown Races,Echo Blues,Two Different Worlds
Charl,Waltz In The Bluegrass,Sing Sing Sing

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Herb Pedersen - Lonesome Feeling

Last Thing On My Mind,Childish Love,The Fields Have Turned Brown
The Homecoming,Easy Ride,Lonesome Feeling,Willow Garden
It's Worth Believing,Even The Worst Of Us
Your Love Is Like A Flower

Steve Kaufman - Footloose

Alabama Jubilee,Grey Eagle,I Know What It Means,Beaumont Rag
Bye Bye Blues,Scotland The Brave,Faded San Antone
Rag Time Annie,Clarinet Polka,Resign Yourself,Down Yonder

James Bailey-Genesis 1

Y'all Come,We'll Meet Again,Sweetheart,Red Haired Boy
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again,Little White Church
Sweet Dixie,Don't The Road Look Rough And Rocky
Fiddle Tune Medley,Never Get To Hold You In My Arms Anymore
Your Love Is Like A Flower

Hee Haw Quartet-The Hee Haw Gospel Quartet

Uncloudy Day,The Old Country Church
Where Could I Go,Only One Step More
The Glory Land Way,Gone Home
We Are Going Down The Valley,O Come Angel Band
Sweet Bye And Bye,This World Is Not My Home
Everybody Will Be Happy Over There,Amazing Grace

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sidesaddle - Saratoga Gap

Your Light Leads Me On,Saratoga Gap-Farewell To Ireland
Chains Of Pride.A Stranger Kept Me Warm Last Night
Leavin' Louisiana,Kentucky Mandolin,I'll Never Shed Another Tear
Cross-eyed Fiddle,Peanut Butter Conspiracy,If You're Ever Gonna Love Me
Crazy,Bells Of St.Mary's

Roger Bellow - Success Street

I'll Keep On Loving You,Blues Stay Away From Me
Follow The Leader,I'm Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open
I Love You So Much It Hurts Me,Silver Dollar
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down,Stealin' Home
Since My Sweet Love Ain't Around,Whistling Rufus
May You Never Be Alone,I Don't Love Nobody

New Deal String Band-Bluegrass

Prisoners Song,Dusty Miller,Waiting On A Train
Dark Holler,Sheandoah Breakdown,Don't Pass Me By
Love Come Home,Crazy Creek,One More Night
White House Blues,Memories Of Mother And Dad
No Expectaions

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jimmy Skinner-Sings Bluegrass

Blue Ridge Mountain Blues,Dear Old Mother
You'll Never Worry My Mind,A Lot More Time To Go
I'm A Free Little Bird,Letter Edged In Black
In The Pines,Short Life Of Trouble,Door Of My Heart
I'll Railroad No More,A Lonesome Railroad Man,A Rolling Stone
Going Down That Road Feeling Bad,Midnight Special
Walking Out Of Your Life,Chain Of Broken Hearts
Time Won't Ease My Worried Mind,I'll Bet You My Heart That You're Mine
Little Nora,Drifting And Dreaming

Upland Express - Country Boy's Dream

Country Boy's Dream,Doing My Time,Goose Neck
Richard Cory,Live And Let Live,Will You Be Among The Few
Brown Mountain Light,Panhandle Country,Rider
Whisper My Name

Various Artists-Sounds Of The Fiddle And Banjo Club

Memories-Paul Elkins And The Virgina Gentlemen
Shenandoah Breakdown-Paul Elkins And The Virginia Gentlemen
The First Whippoorwill -Marvin Harlow And The Welcome Valley Boys
I've Lost You-Marvin Harlow And The Welcome Valley Boys
Father's Table Grace-Dallas Wright And Harmony Mountaineers
Rhythm Of The Rain-Dallas Wright And The Harmony Mountaineers
Battle Hymns Of The Repubilc-Jim Hypes And The Gettogethers
Orange Blossom Special-Clinton King And The Virgina Mountaineers
Ramblin' Man-Clinton King And The Virginia Mountaineers
Wreck Of The Old 97-Betty Waldron
Twilight Is Falling-Betty Waldron
Arab Bounce-Wilton Shorter And The Bluegrass Entertainers
One Morning In May-Wilton Shorter And The Bluegrass Entertainers
Blue Bird Singing-Jim Hypes And The Gettogethers
I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name-Lawrence Dodson And The Dreadful Snakes
Green Sleaves-Lawrence Dodson And The Dreadful Snakes
Monroe's Hornpipe-Bill Tingler And Brushy Mountain Boys
Prayer Bells Of Heaven-Bill Tingler And The Brusky Mountain Boys
Done Gone-Cecil Edwards And The Bluegrass Colonels
Muddy Water-Cecil Edwards And The Bluegrass Colonels
Alabama Blues-Frank Turner And The One Man Band
Fox Chase-Frank Turner And The One Man Band 
Big Country-Conner Brothers And The Floyd County Boys
White Dove-Conner Brothers And The Floyd County Boys
I Couldn't Believe It Was True-Charlie Whitehead And The Skyline Entertaineers
Brand New Broken Heart-Charlie Whitehead And The Skyline Entertaineers
Cherokee Stomp-Kincely Family
Bound For That City-Kincely Family
We'll Meet Again Sweetheart-Charlie Robertson And The Blue Star Boys
Pan Handle Country-Charlie Robertson And The Blue Star Boys

Outdoor Plumbing Co-Outdoor Plumbing Company

This Old Train,Marrow Bone,Think Of What You've Done
This World's No Place To Live,Close The Door
The Builder,Joe Willie Smith,Forked Deer
Guess He'd Rather Be In Colorado,Columbus Stockade Blues
Chief Logan,Where The Roses Never Fade

Bluegrass Gettogether - Play Requests

The Wreck Of Old 97,Don't This Road Look Rough And Rocky
Roll On Buddy Roll On,Dark Hollow,Morning Dew
Swing Low Sweet Chariot,Sittin' On Top Of The World
Good Woman's Love,Little Joe,Secret Of The Waterfall
I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling,Preachin Prayin Singing

Various Artists-American Bg Anthology - 2

Train 1-Felony Colony
Wrecking Ball-King Wilkie
Tom Dooley-Sweeney's Men
Reuben-Rob Ickes
Don't You Hear Jerusalem Moan-New Grass Revival
Beautiful Star Of Bethlehen-Ralph Stanley And Friends
The Train That Carried My Girl From Town-Doc And Merle Watson
Lost In The Woods-Pete Wernick
Ground Hog-Jim Mills
Dooley-The Dillards
Who's That Knockin' At My Door-The Dreadful Snakes
The Girl I Left Behind Me-Jim And Jesse
Danville Girl-Tim Stafford
Darlin' Corey-The Bluegrass Cardinals
There Is A Time-Ricky Skaggs And Rodney Dillard
Down In The Hole-Ricky Skaggs
Lonesome River-Sam Bush
Here Today,Gone Tommorow-Hazel Dickens
Ashland Breakdown-Rob Ickes
Winter's Come And Gone-Kenny And Amanda Smith
Lordy Lordy-Railroad Earth
Train 2-Felony Colony

Various Artists-American Bg Anthology - 1

JD's Word Of Wisdom-Ricky Skaggs And Kentucky Thunder
Get Up John-Ricky Skaggs And Kentucky Thunder
House Of The Rising Sun-Doc And Merle Watson
Big Timber-Brad Davis
Bootleg John-Ronnie Bowman
Lonesome And A Long Way Home-New Grass Revival
Ralph Trischka-Tony Furtado
No Depression In Heaven-Sheril Crow
Will Bill Jones-Dirk Powell
Black Jack David-Norman And Nancy Blake
Two If By Night-Tony Trischka
Stackerlee-Alice Stuart
White Freightliner Blues-New Grass Revival
Purchase Grover-Tony Trischka
Lonesome Dove-Dirk Powell
Rosa Lee Mc Fall-Alan Munde And Country Gazette
John Henry-Tony Furtado
Raleigh And Spencer-Dan Crary
Reach-New Grass Revival
The Ghost Of Blind Willie Johnson-Tony Furtado
Shady Grove-Ricky Skaggs And Kentucky Thunder
Well Glory-Ricky Skaggs And Kentucky Thunder

Various Artists-43rd Old Time Fiddlers Convention

Sugar Hill-Pine Ridge Boys
Liitle Liza Jane-Jonathan Pagett
Clinch Mountain Backstep-Carl Caldwell
John Hardy-Sammy Shelor
The Ore Knob-Mary Jane Miller
Lee Highway Blues-Arnold Salmon
Vail Of White Lace-Johnny Joyce
Sweetheart Of Mine-Southeastern Grass
Sugar Tree Stomp-John Ashby
Song Of The Island-Paul Frebush
Cricket On The Hearth-Smokey Valley Boys
Mississippi Sawyer-Will A Keys Jr.
Florida Blues-Jim Hypes
Broken Down Gambler-Gypsy Gyppo String Band
Lonesome Road Blues-New Grass Revival
Down Yonder-Revelation String Band

Monday, January 10, 2011

Osborne Brothers-The Best Of The Osborne Brothers

Rocky Top,Beneath Still Waters,The Kind Of Woman I Got
My Favorite Memory,Siempre,Tennessee Hound Dog
Making Plans,Son Of A Sawmill Man
Gal,You Got Job To Do,This Heart Of Mine Can't Say Goodbye
Ruby,Listening To The Rain,Kentucky
Georgia Piney Woods,Hey,Hey,Bartender
Up This Hill And Down,Memories,Roll Muddy River
You Win Again,The Cuckoo Bird