Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bill Clifton-Mountain Folk Songs

Walking In My Sleep,Mary Dear,Little White Washed Chimney
Dixie Darling,Wake Up Susan,Livin' The Right Life
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues,When Autumn Leaves Begin To Fall
Dixie Mountain Express,Another Broken Heart
Flower Blooming In The Wildwood,You Go To Your Church


  1. My computer won't run a .rar file. I need bill (?)'s email adress. Thanks.

  2. I tried to download some older post ( 1968 sesions by Bobby Atkins and Still inside by Tony Rice Unit), but my computer won't do .rar files.

  3. Go to

    Get this program - Winrar;contentBody;5d

  4. Hello Dear Bill ..Its Albert Cooper from Norwich England and Ive managed to find your blog ! I hope things are well for you..Tom Paley ,now 82 years is to play in Norwich soon,and I have fond memories of our times togeher,when you were in the UK