Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Rocky Mountain Boys - I've Got A Mule To Ride

I've Got A Mule To Ride,Little Willie,Hills Of Old Virginia
Liberty,Ain't Gong To Work,Little Joe
Love Me Darling Just Tonight,Peacock Rag,A Man Of Constant Sorrow
Clinch Mountain Back Step, Border Ride,Let Me Walk Lord By Your Side


  1. This is a glorious recording! It is very much in the Stanley Brothers tradition but is not some copy of the Stanleys. Rather, this bunch is imbued with the Stanley style, but it plays its own music.

    The band is not perfect, but this is a music that dies, somehow, when technical perfection is the goal of the musicians. The life of old-time bluegrass is in its spirit (its 'soul') and spontaneity. The Rocky Mountain Boys have it in spades.

  2. Perfection equals homogenized!