Monday, July 2, 2012

In Came That Rooster

Robbie Clement - Aiken Drum,Fritz Schuler - Groundhog 
Mike Anderson - I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground
Sue Whiteford - Roxanne Keding - Bill Goggin's Goat 
Stephen Titra - Be Nice To Spiders,Dan & Roxanne Keding - The Rooster Song 
Fritz Shuler - Whoa Mule Mike Anderson - The Cat Came Back 
Robbie Clement - If You're Happy And You Know It,Stephen Titra - Butterflies 
Roxanne Keding - Yea Ho, Little Fish,Dan & Roxanne Keding - When I First Came To This Land 
Sue & Phil Whitford - Old Joe Clark 

Part 1******
Part 2******

Flac Files use Traders Little Helper


  1. Looks like you are starting to post some recordings in FLAC! Fantastic...a big step up in sound fidelity and very much appreciated. Thanks for your time, dedication, and effort!!

  2. Did you remove these files? I would absolutely love to get this album that I listened to as a child! Thanks!