Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Various Artists-Banjo Jamboree Spectacular

Banjo Jamboree Spectacular
Various Artists
Starday SLP 136

Little Maggie-Stanley Brothers
I Wouldn't Change You-Jim Eanes
Home Is Where The Heart Is-Connie And Joe
Bending The Strings-Allen Shelton
Stringbean And His Band-Stringbean
Me And The Jukebox-Buzz Busby
Living Me Life In Van-Kentucky Travelers
Poor Ellen Smith-Country Gentlemen
Country Strings-Bill Browning
There'll Come A Time-Jim Eanes
Lonesome Wind-Buzz Busby
Give Me Back My Forty Dollars-Stringbean
Bury Me Beneath The Willow-Bill Clifton
Will There Be A Rainbow-Kentucky Travelers
Talking Banjo-Buzz Busby
Lonesome Road-Buzz Busby
When You're Out Of My Arms-Kentucky Travelers
One Track Mine-Bill Harrell
Hold On To Glass-Jim Eanes
Toil Tears And Trouble-Connie And Joe
Going Home-Buzz Busby
Darlin' Allalee-Country Gentlemen
Where Will This End-Buzz Busby
Banjo Jamboree-Bill Emerson
High Lonesome-Country Gentlemen
I'll Never See You Anymore-Bill Harrell
Budded Roses-Jim Eanes
Big Man-Ken Clark
Tragic Highway-Bill Harrell
The Hills And Home-Country Gentlemen
Pinball Machine-Lonnie Irving


  1. Now you've done it, Bill. You've listed one of the great banjo collections of all time, and - as usual - you've made my day in the process. Thanks a million. See you again soon. All the best,


  2. Holy smoke! I've been setting up a station to dub my old LPs onto CD and this gem was first on my list! My copy is well-worn from being played so many times, so this copy is undoubtedly better. Thanks for this. And love your taste in music.