Saturday, December 25, 2010

Various Artists-Pop Does Bluegrass-Volume 3

Pop Does Bluegrass Volume 3
Various Artists

Honey Don't-Country Gentlemen
Maybelline-Jim And Jesse
Mrs. Robinson-Second Generation
What Goes On-Seldom Scene
Don't Cry Blue-Knoxille Grass
House At Poor Corners-Southbound
You Can Have Her-Monogram
Young Love-Garland Shuping And Wild Country
House Of The Rising Sun-Mike Auldridge
Stagolee-Bluegrass Alliance
Cold On The Shoulder-Tony Rice
Somewhere Over The Rainbow-Eddie Shelton
Wreck Of Edmund Fitzgerald-Tony Rice
Rocket Man-Woodles
Wheels-Bill Emerson And Clff Waldron
I Know What It Mean To Be Lonesome-New Tradition
I Guess It Doesn't Mean To Be Lonesome-Spectun
Gentle On My Mind-Bluegrass Alliance
Watching The River Run-Foggy Bottom
In This Love-Woodles
Bridge Over Troubled Waters-Bluegrass 45
Killing Me Softly-Mike Auldridge
Big Train Memphis-Seldom Scene
One Tin Soilder-Bluegrass Alliance
Red Rubber Ball-Spectum


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