Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bluegrass Classics Volume 2

Red Hen Boogie-McCormack Bros,Banjo Twist-McCormack Bros
Billy Goat Boogie-McCormack Bros,The Mad Banjo-McCormack Bros
Quit Hanging Around-Harley Gabbard,Remember The One Who Cried-The Partners
Breakthrough-Leon Campbell,Talking Banjo-Buzz Busby
Lost-Buzz Busby,Reno Bound-Buzz Busby,Buzz's Ramble-Buzz Buzby
Franklin County Special-Franklin County Boys,Dobro On The Ridge-Franklin County Boys
Banjo Stretch-Bluegrass Ramblers,Joe's Boogie-The Piney Mountain Boys
Pig In A Pen-The Piney Mountain Boys,You Get On-The Piney Mountain Boys
Dixie Hoedown-The Piney Mountain Boys,Pick Again,The Piney Mountain Boys
Hold What' Got-Jimmy Martin,I Pulled A BooBoo-Jimmy Martin
Hey Lonesome-Jimmy Martin,Freeborn Man-Jimmy Martin
Scars Upon My Heart-Jim Eanes,Log Cabin In The Lane-Jim Eanes

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