Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Various Artists-Hell Broke Loose In Georgia

Four Cent Cotton-Stokes,Lowe,Diamond Joe-Georgia Crackers
Katy Did-Stokes,Lowe,Arkansas Traveler-Johnson,Earl
Kiss Me Quick-Georgia Yellow Hammers,Goin' Crazy-Shores Southern Trio
Don't You Cry My Honey-Skillet Lickers,Georgia Blues,Helms,Bill
Swamp Cat Rag-Swamp Rooters,Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over-Carson,Fiddlin' John
12 Street Blues-Dupree's Rome Boys,Soilder's Joy-Skillet Lickers


  1. One of the all-time finest recordings County ever released. Stunning in every way!

  2. Hey Bill, listening now, it seems you've labeled the 11th cut "12th Street Blues" but, in fact, it's The Skillet Lickers playing Soldiers Joy. This is from their 1934 session with Ted Hawkins playing mandolin and Gid's son Gordon on fiddle.