Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Sand Mountain Boys

The Sand Mountain Boys Live From Albertville Alabama

Intro/Sand Mountain Kick/Mary Jane Won't You Be Mine/Hills Of Alabama/Days Gone By/Cherokee Road/Twenty Long Years/Last Old Dollar
Walking The Dog/Precious Jewel/Lonestar Cowboy/
Used To Be

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  1. Hi Bill,

    Terrific site--I just discovered it yesterday. I'm an old fan of the Crain Brothers/Sand Mountain Boys and was not aware of the "Albertville" record. I noticed after downloading it this evening that two songs, "Sand Mountain Kick" and "Used To Be" are extremely short. Is this how they appear on the album? ("Used To Be" abruptly ends after 47 seconds).
    Are you from Sand Mountain? My Dad's family came from Pisgah and Rainsville.

    If you care to email me, I'm at
    Thank you,

    Steve Wisner