Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bill Blaylock & The Modern Sounds Of Bluegrass - Don't Cry

Bill Blaylock And The Modern Sounds Of Bluegrass - Don't Cry
Romulus Records LPS - 001

Bill Blaylock, banjo
Robert Smith, bass
John Farley, guitar
Charles Jordan, mandolin
Mack Farley, fiddle
J. D. Fortenberry, fiddle

It's A Growing Thing,MSB Special,Be A Friend,Good Night My Love
What's Happening,Bucket Of Berries,Yankee Doodle Hop
Fair Weather Friends,Gentle Eyes,Home Run Rag
Darling Angel,Bernie's Bridge
Playing Time.........: 33:24


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  1. My Father ,"Robert Smith, "also known as "Cherokee Bob "the bass player ,passed away August 2,2015
    When he was alive I searched everywhere to find his albums because all he wanted this one Christmas was to listen to his albums and I could never find them which broke my heart but I would tell him ,and this is so very true ,that his musical talents were so out of this world so cool that they've probly sold them all out but I would not quit looking for them because I was his baby girl ! Our daddy was our world,my little sister and I ,he was the most wonderfully talented ,greatest father , most sweetest man in the whole wide world and we miss him terribly and I cannot ,right now fight back my tears because he knew how much I went thru to find any one of these albums ,I'm sorry daddy, if anyone has any info on where I can find any other albums i would greatly appreciate it 'I want to give them to my little sister because it would be nice to have something that was him ,because he was one of the best musician in the whole wide world!!! "Bill Blalock and the modern sounds of blue grass ,",Bill Blalock &Jim Southern and the modern sounds of bluegrass ,He played on Hee-Haw with junior samples many times ,I remember going to his house me and my little sister eating watermelon while they played music itwasso cool ,they traveled and played every state ( except the two last ones they added at the time but any info would be great !
    Thank you !