Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bluegrass Cardinals-Welcome To Virginia

Welcome To Virginia
Bluegrass Cardinals

Roll On Muddy Water,She Keeps Me Hanging On
Journey To My Savior's Side,We Know The Man
We Know The Man,Cora's Gone,Ridin' The L And N
Blue Eyed Boston Boy,Plant Some Flowers
Darcy Farrow,Jesus Lead Me Evermore
Mississippi River Man


  1. I heard through the grapevine that this album will never be released on cd. Don Parmley will not give Rounder Records permission to do it.

  2. What a crying shame!! This was one of my very favorite bluegrass records back in high school. I wanted to get a CD of it so I could enjoy again all those songs I remember soooo well. Plus I'd like to share it with my daughter. I don't know what happened to that old vinyl record but even if I had it I don't have anything to play it on. I am simply baffled as to why Mr. Parmley wouldn't want a whole new generation to hear and love this music as I did.