Monday, December 6, 2010


Now i need some help from you folks on my blog i would like to create my own video podcast and i need some help doing it i have my feed for my blog here it is

and i want to know where is a place where i can upload bluegrass home movies and create them into episodes.and use them on this site?or can someone give an easy step by step on creating a Video Podcast.
I would like to upload it onto Itunes.I found this website and can anyone explain me the step by step on how to do this


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  1. Great blog! You could set up using Youtube:

    - Shoot your videos with whatever you have on hand (my dgital camera shoots pretty decent video)
    - Upload to YouTube
    - Once it is uploaded, go to the video page and click "EMBED"- this will provide you with the embed code
    - Copy the embed code
    - Go to your blogger "create post" window
    - Click on the "Edit HTML" tab
    - Paste the code into the window
    - Click on the "compose" tab and the video window should be visible- you can test it by clicking "preview"

    Does that help?