Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bob Black-Ladies On The Steamboat

Ladies On The Steamboat,Monroe's Blues,Jersualem Ridge
Star Of The County Down,Staten Island Hornpipe
Nervous Breakdown,Limerock,Saratoga Blues
Flight To DC,Over The Waterfall,The Flowers Of Edinbaugh
Little Black Moustache


  1. This is a great album - one by a banjo player who is oft over-looked in discussions about great banjo pickers. I saw him when he played with Monroe and then again last week at a Monroe Centennial celebration where he joined with Tom Ewing and Mark Embree in Blue Grass Boys reunion. His playing has only gotten more expressive without overpowering the music. Black has said that Monroe told him that the job of a musician is to cause people to recognize the beauty of the music versus the talent of the musician. I think he learned that lesson well. Thanks for posting this important project by a significant picker.

  2. Hi Bill...
    Can you give me another link to get this album please..?