Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Uncle Remus-The Movin' And The Livin'

The Movin' And The Livin',Gold Rush,Singles Bar
Long Black Veil,Lady Be Good,Themus For Remus
Don't Get Around Much Anymore,I've Just Seen A Face
We Were Not Lovers,Can't Let Go,Sand Castles

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  1. Thanks for this post. This one's repertoire reminds me a lot of The Central Park Sheiks, a sine string band that did one LP on Flying Fish back in the 70s that I have searched for long after a vinyl purge in the early 90s. Where most of your posts seem to be trad, this one seems more in line with the Sheiks songs. Are you aware of them and quite possibly do you have their fine LP lurking somewhere in your collection of files or vinyl? If so, this musician/collector would appreciate being able to hear them once again. Thanks in advance.