Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Various Artists-43rd Union Grove Festival

Mississippi Sawyers-Missouri Playboys,Ragtime Annie-Arthur Leake Claude Band
Whoa Mule-Dixie Mountain Boys,John Henry-George Pegram
Cripple Creek-The Buck Mountain Boys,Devils Dream-Joe Talbert
Dear Old Dixie-Wilson Brothers,Cold Cold Frosty Morning-Chick Martin
Tom Dooley-Tom Cat Ramblers,Old Molly Hare-Picking Gypsies
Sweet Bunch Of Daisies-Zee Prevatte And Country Cousin
Orange Blossom Special-Lucas Brothers And Harmon Brothers


  1. Thanks so much for the great Union Grove Festival recordings. I lived near there for 50 years and never went, so now I can at least relive part of them. All the best to you.


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