Monday, October 25, 2010

Various Artists-Bluegrass Spectacular Volume 2 (Rebel R-1474)

Bluegrass Spectacular Volume 2
Various Artists
(Rebel R-1474)

Heart Attack (Bill Carroll),Over The Waves (Billy Baker)
It's A Weary Weary World (Benny And Vallie Cain)
Old Joe Clark (Billy Baker),Poker Game (Bill Carroll)
Katy Hill (Billy Baker),My Conscience Won't Forget (Mickey Burke)
Grey Eagle (Shady Valley Boys),Just Living Alone (Bill Carroll)
Rascal Red (Mickey Burke),I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow (Pete Pike)
Black Jack Davie (Shady Valley Boys),Ragtime Annie (Benny And Vallie Cain)
Knoxville Girl (Pete Pike),Musicians Waltz (Frank Wakefield)
Motherless Children (Shady Valley Boys),Train 45 (Pete Pike)
Rondo (Frank Wakefield), Put My Little Shoes Away (Pete Pike)

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