Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Various Artists-Rebel Bluegrass Spectacular Volume 3 (Rebel R 1475)

Various Artists 
Rebel Bluegrass Spectacular Volume 3
(Rebel R 1475)
Asbury, W. Virginia

Me And The Juke Box (Buzz Busby),Peacock Rag (Bennie And Vallie Cain)
Lost (Buzz Busby), Rocky Mountain Ramble (Bill Harrell)
I Can't Love You Anymore (Bill Carroll)Home Sweet Home (Benny And Vallie Cain)
Reno Bound (Bill Harrell),White Rose (The Country Gentlemen)
I Could Change My Mind (Earl Taylor),Billy Wilson (Billy Baker)
The Sweetest Gift A Mother's Smile (Bill Carroll),Cripple Creek (The Shady Valley Boys)
Drifting And Dreaming (Benny And Vallie Cain),Pig In A Pen (The Shady Valley Boys)
I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do (Benny And Vallie Cain)
Rainbow (The Shady Valley Boys),Somebody Touched Me (The King Brothers)
Long Journey Home (Benny And Vallie Cain)

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