Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Walter Forbes-Ballads And Bluegrass

Ballads And Bluegrass
Walter Forbes

RCA Victor LPM 2472
United States

Ballad of Lost Jimmie Whalen,Cod Liver Iie
Cumberland Mountain Deer Chase,Feast Here Tonight
Fenario,Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye,Poor Little Ellen
Pretty Polly,Rake And Rambling Boy,Take Tthis Hammer
Whoa Mule Whoa,Willow Garden

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  1. Walter Forbes is was great! But the purists here in Seattle thought his two RCA albums were over produced so I had to keep hidden out of sight. I couldn't find anything on Forbes on the Net a year ago. Then I discovered his website "Walter Forbes Sr." where you can find out what happened to him after The Beatles sunk the American folk music revival and order his
    old records on CD.