Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dave Evans And River Bend-Poor Rambler

Poor Rambler
Dave Evans And River Bend

Rebel REB 1616
United States
BG Unlimited:1984-05

Poor Rambler,Play Me A Song, Little Blind Boy
I Only Exist,Traveling Down This Lonesome Road
I Never Will Marry,Henry Lee,Late Last Night
Just To Hear Her Sweet Voice,Ballad Of Pretty Boy Floyd
I'm Only Human,Rawhide,My Wandering Boy

Just To Let You Know Just Recently Dave Evans
Announced On The Bluegrass Blog That He Is Retiring From The Road

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  1. I just became aware of Dave and his group two days ago.....ordered a bunch of his CDs and now he is retiring. My timing is a bit off! I'm really impressed with his work.