Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hal Wylie & Roger Sprung & the Progressive Bluegrassers-Bluegrass Gold. Vol. 2

Bluegrass Gold. Vol. 2
Hal Wylie And Roger Sprung And The Progressive Bluegrassers

Showcase S 5
United States

John Henry,Home Sweet Home,Banks Of The Ohio
Crawdad Song,Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Black Mountain Rag,Red Wing,Down Yonder
Ol' Jimmy Sutton,Golden Slippers,Dixie
Marching Through Georgia,Lonesome Road Blues


  1. Hello Bluegrassman. I love your blog, especially when you start focusing on my favorite instrument of them all: the BANJO. And one of my favorite players, beyond a doubt, is Roger Sprung (with Walter Hensley close behind). So thanks for giving me the big daily double! I love 'em. BTW, do you have others by those two that I have missed? Hope you have a great day. I will, 'cause I'll be listening to Roger and Walter. All the best, Iggymo

  2. they are coming up i am working on Rual Yarbough Just Me right now

    Thanks for the comments :-)