Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Southern Show Boys-Hills Of Carolina

Hills Of Carolina
The Southern Show Boys
Old Homestead OHS 90034

Charlie Tuttle - Vocal Lead, Mandolin
Leonard Styles - Banjo
Edward "Jimmy" Lewis - Vocal Tenor, Rhythm Guitar
Rick Lewis - Vocal Baritone, Guitar
Kenneth Patterson - String Bass

Hills of Carolina (Leonard Styles),Rebel Soldier (Charlie Moore)
Today I Count and Treasure (Creola Lewis),When Your Lips Touch Mine (Leonard Styles)
The Good Times That We Had (Richard Lewis),Secret Of The Waterfall (J. Landers)
You Never Mentioned Him To Me (James Rowe),Great Smoky Mountains (Kiester Duty)
Last Request (J. Landers),Say It's Not So (Creola Lewis)
Country and Proud Of It (Leonard Styles),Why Did I Let This Happen (Keister Duty)
Grassy Knob (Leonard Styles),Lord I'm Coming Home (William J. Kirkpatrick)

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